Frequently asked questions - EHS UAE PASS login

UAE PASS is a foundational platform to accelerate the transformation towards a digital based economy and digital society.UAE PASS Mobile App is a digital id for secure online identification. It is an easy and safe service that gives the user access to various authentication and signature services within the UAE.
Download the Mobile App and complete the registration process following the onscreen instructions.
You will be registering on UAE PASS as visitor
You need an active UAE PASS account to register with EHS.If you have an UAE PASS account , you can use "Sign in with UAE PASS" option on the EHS Login screen.A new EHS account will be created on first successful authentication.
You will not be able to use username/password to login to EHS account.Your existing account will get linked to UAE PASS on successful login.If you have multiple accounts with EHS enter the username & password for the account to be linked with UAE PASS in the profile linking screen after successful UAE PASS authentication.
You can send an email to the Technical Support team at